Dijete se rodi, Sin se rodi


Milka Bajunović Čivić, 15 years old, Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska; Bosnia & Herzegovina


I’m Milka Bajunović-Čivic, I come from Bijeljina. I’m going to the eighth grade of primary school: „Sveti Sava“. I like to write songs, it fills me … I wrote my first song in the third grade.

Writing songs I inherited from Dad … He also wrote songs in my age. The first person to notice my talent was a librarian. After reading my song, she immediately informed the teacher of the Serbian language, Mirjana Lazarević.

Teacher Mirjana Lazarević sent my song to the competition and that’s how it all started …. Besides writing songs, my hobby is a dance … Dance is just like writing at the beginning was my hobby, and now it’s part of my life.

A child was born, 2017-А