International Children Art Competition Mini restART 2019


International Children Art Competition Mini restART 2019


Invitation to participate

Children are afraid of them, although they cannot reasonably explain their fears, considering bugs and insects as ugly predators who are more dangerous than the largest animals. Children of older age neither pay much attention to their presence in the ecosystem, nor consider them important particularly because of their miniature dimensions. We forget about the once known magic of summer nights when fireflies performed the dance, while the glittering interweaving of sun rays and the flapping flight of the dragonfly made the day deeper blue. We spend less time in nature, our feet have forgotten the gentle touch of grass and our hearing has forgotten the sound of silence.

With this theme, we encourage the youngest participants to discover the beauty of the world with a different perception of tiny beings by exploring flawlessly harmonious and orderly systems, fantastic shapes and vibrant colors hidden in the grass and leaves. Older participants can explore the topic by actively exploring nature, photography, graphics, history and artists and express their skills creatively with unusual techniques, graphic art, texture, contrast, color relations, or by constructing meditative expressions of buzzing space, movement noise, minimizing forms or, like Joan Miro, by creating a surreal imagination. You might discover the rock music of the legendary beetles, English band The Beatles, or find out why the Ancient Egyptians considered the scarab as a sacred beetle as you create your own small pieces of work.

We want this art contest to stimulate different aspects of learning and knowledge acquisition, versatility and love of nature, but above all, listen to yourself – hear your own bugs! They are the most important ones. Colorful, cheerful, boring or even serious. Everyone has them, we will exchange the most precious ones at the show!

MA Snežana Grozdanović,
Author of the Project



Educational and Creative Center RESTART
Velika Plana, Republic of Serbia

The dimension of the work is  15х15cm.
Topic of the Competition

“The hidden world of beetles and insects”



 Age Category
– I category 4-7 years;
– II category 8-10 years;
– III category 11-14 years;
– IV category 15-18 years;
– V category High Art Schools 14-18 years.

Institutions and organizations can send from at least 10 to maximum 30 art works by various authors within a group participation. One author can be represented with up to 2 art works. Individual participants can send up to 2 art works.

Two-dimensional works on paper which are made by using different drawing, painting and graphic techniques are allowed. Works must not be equipped, framed, laminated or of smaller or other dimensions. Three-dimensional works, works that contain organic matter and the works sent in rolls will not be received.

It is mandatory to have an adhesive label with data on the back of each art work. It is necessary to send a completed Application by e-mail and a printed copy by post with students’ works. Individual participants fill in a separate Application and label.  Foreign participants fill in the Application and the label in English (including the countries of ex Yugoslavia – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia). For domestic authors see propositions on Serbian language.

Authors who do not respect the prescribed dimension of the format will be disqualified. The jury will not consider the works of authors which have not been in compliance with the terms of the competition and have been sent without a label completed with data and Application.

Participation is free, no entry payment.
The cost of sending the works is paid by the contestant.

Works that have already been sent are not returned to authors and they become the property of RESTART Educational and Creative Center. The organizer can exhibit, reproduce, publish and dispose of some art works for the purpose of donating to the donors, as well as for financing the project, without the compensation and the consent of the author.


The expert jury will select up to 1000 of the most successful works and will award and praise authors in each age category. The jury will award art educators for outstanding artistic contribution and the most successful collection of works.
Organizer will send diplomas in form of JPG file to all selected exhibitors by e-mail.

The competition is open from September 2 until November 30, 2019.
Works must arrive at the latest on December 3, 2019.

Send the works to the following address:
Center RESTART (Mini restART Competition)
18, 1300 kaplara Street
11320 Velika Plana, Republic of Serbia

Publication of the results of the competition will be done by March 20, 2020.
Awarded authors and art educators will be notified by e-mail.


You can follow the announcements and results of the competition at:


The opening exhibition ceremony and the awarding of art contest certificates will take place on April 2020, at the Gallery of the Culture Center „Masuka“ in Velika Plana. The opening date of the exhibition will be known after announcing the results of the competition.

Foreign awarded and praised authors will take their certificates and awards by post mail. The cost of sending is paid by the organizer. The sending of diplomas and awards will be done from May to June 2020.

Further information can be obtained at:
Phone: ++ 381 64 11 69 361

The author of the project
Snežana Grozdanović, master of painting