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Stefani Kondova, Sofia University Divna Krasteva, 11th Grade, 9th French Language School „Alphonse de Lamartine“ Christina Ivanova, 11th grade, First English Language School Tsvetelina Ivanova, 11 th Grade School, 101 th  Secondary school Bacho Kiro Gabriel Thierry, Republic of Madagascar Stiliana Galabova, 11th Grade, 157 Instituto Bilingüe „César Vallejo“ With great gratitude for the participation … Continued

A child was born, a Son was given to us

Painter: Dariya Dimova, 11 years old Hi, My name is Dariya, I am 11 years old. I lived in the UK till I was 9, and after that my family moved back to Bulgaria. Now I study in “Bacho Kiro” school in Veliko Tarnovo. I like drawing, sports and swimming. I have a black cat called Ari, … Continued

Christmas Miracle

Translation: Tsvetelina Ivanova, 11 th Grade School, 101 th  Secondary school Bacho Kiro I`m Svetozara, 11 years old, from Kazanlak. I attend a school of creative writing Lights in the Shadows Club and folk dances. I like both things equally. I love to write and play roles of different people. I`m already in the fifth grade, … Continued

Christmas ring

Translation: Divna Krasteva, 11th Grade, 9th French Language School „Alphonse de Lamartine“ My name is Maya Stoycheva, I`m 15 years old and I have been writing since I remember myself. I have participated in many workshops and competitions, I have won many awards, but I don`t think this is the most important thing for me. … Continued

Christmas at home

Рисунка: Доминика Микова, 5 г., Бургас I am Dodo and I’m 5 years old. I have two sisters and I’m painting with them, but the baby is making just a mess. I like to paint because everything is beautiful and exactly how I want it to be on my pictures. I’ve been part of a lot … Continued

Музика траје

Последњи је тренутак да схватиш истине теретно бреме, да не би узалуд тражећи звезду само траћио време. Џабе ти лете облаци крај носа од магле те боли глава, плаву је звезду сакрила роса у врту маскирала трава. Није то неко далеко тело на које никада нећеш стићи. Баци телескоп и нишанске справе. Тако јој не … Continued


Stanimira Georgieva, 9 years old, a student at NU „St. Paisii Hilendarski“, Nova Zagora. For two years, Mirka has been engaged in applied art and produces beautiful flowers and appliqués, postcards, fir trees, flower branches, ornaments for the Christmas tree – she participates in charity bazaars with them. Although she is a child cerebral palsy, … Continued

Зелено училище в града на Ботев

В началото на месец ноември ученици от 5, 6 и 7 клас от ОУ „Гео Милев“, с. Белозем се включиха в зелено училище, което се проведе от 01.11 до 04.11. в град Калофер. В първия ден учениците посетиха паметника на Христо Ботев,  където поднесоха цветя по случай деня на народните будители и рецитираха стихове. След … Continued

Christmas is, miracles happen

Maybe you don’t believe it, but miracles happen on Christmas. The first one is that my whole family gathers at home. Only on Christmas. I’m on vacation. My grandmother comes from Greece. My cousin finally remembers to come visit us and mom and dad don’t go to work. Even my little sister doesn’t go to … Continued