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To a godly family who traveled to Bethlehem on the eve of December 24 to 25, a Son was born. This happened in the barn of a hospice. There, to the crib where the food of the smallest lamb is put. The family was very happy. Mother Mary and Father Joseph were not the only … Continued

The Christmas Night

24th December 2006 The day was promising to become the coldest one for the whole year. The ice-cold wind was creeping in through the cracks of the walls, the snowflakes were tirelessly piling up on the sills, the windows were rattling into their frames. Many considered the winter a harsh mistress, but she undoubtedly had … Continued


My name is Anna Georgieva, 15 years old. My favorite hobby is to write poems. Through them I express everything I feel and think. I love to read books and also do folk dances. Literature is one of the most valuable things for me.   I love to create and continue to do it. Казвам … Continued

Winter nights

Essay                The world is sorrowful, starving, walking around needy and barefoot, wrapped in its rags – rags torn apart from hate, fear and violence. It’s enormous, yet it can’t quench the greed, it can’t satiate the selfishness. It’s wandering around the countless roads and waiting for the tears of God to wash it all … Continued

„For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given…“

I am 18 years old… a child in the soul, loving music, literature, recitation and spirituality! I am author of modest book work (theological treatise) and three author’s songs; a student in the hands of ten vocal pedagogues and an experimenter in eighteen music styles; participant in two master classes in pop and jazz singing; … Continued

Christmas vertep. Galician traditions.

On the night of Christmas (January 6th) and until January 9, in western Ukraine, each family is waiting for the visit of a wassailers with vertep. Especially this tradition has survived in the countryside. Vertep is a kind of folk theater, during which the plot of the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ is reproduced. This … Continued

The story of Elena

The autumn was going away slowly. In one of the last warm days of the year The Zapryanovi family was in a fair way to achieving the ‘’the biggest’’ big step in their life. A year ago they realized that they couldn’t be parents, something that ruined them and weighed them down emotionally. Their only … Continued

The Virgin with the Infant

Interpretation of the icon „The Virgin with the Infant“ – Applied Art. Petya Ivanova, 17 years old, Shumen Интерпретация на икона „Богородица с младенеца“ – приложно изкуство. Петя Иванова, 17 г., Шумен My name is Petya Ivanova, 17 years old, from Shumen. I engage in three types of arts – painting, dancing and photography. I have … Continued

Adoration of the Magi

„Adoration of the Magi“, Miroslava Vasileva, 17 years old, „Nikola Y. Vaptsarov“ Language School, Shumen „Поклонение на влъхвите“, Мирослава Василева, 17 г., ПЕГ „Никола Й. Вапцаров“, Шумен My name is Miroslava. I am studying at a language school with an English and German language profile. My hobby is to paint. I visit the Art School at the … Continued

Nativity of Christ

Bojidara Dimitrova, 17 years old, „Nancho Popovich“ High School, Shumen Божидара Димитрова, 17 г., ППМГ „Нанчо Попович“, Шумен My name is Bozhidara. I have been painting for 3 years at the Art School at the Center for Support of Personal Development – Municipal Children’s Complex – Shumen, headed by Temenuga Hristova, Shumen. I have many … Continued