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Picture: Damjan (Riste) Stefanov, 6 г., Elementary School “Lazo Angelovski” – Skopje

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Damjan Stefanov is a student at first grade at the Elementary school “Lazo Angelovski“ – Skopje.

Damjan has won his first contest award at the age 4 years for his artwork “Water turtle” on the Painter’s Kids Competition on the theme “Water and animals” organized by: “Ladna”, he was awarded with second place


On the International contest awards he has won:

  • First prize in the drawing category of the International Painter’s Competition “The Art – our inspiration 2018”, in the organization of the Academy “Euroart” – Shtip, 14 December 2018;
  • First prize for drawing on the International Painter’s Competition “13 November” on the occasion of the liberation of the City of Skopje, in the organization of the Children’s painter center, 14 November 2018;1 damjan

 On the State competition awards he has won:

  • First prize for a drawing on the competition for elementary school students on the theme “What the insurance of the home and family means for me”, organized by: National Bank, Ministry of Finance and the Insurance Supervision Agency, 16 November 2018;
  • Third place for artwork of the creative competition “Save, create, win” organized by: Sparkasse Bank and “Pakomak”, October 2018;
  • Second place for a drawing on the Painter’s Competition on the theme “Water and animals” organized by: “Ladna”, 11 June 2017;
  • Honourable mention for successful participation on the literary competition on the theme „The mother’s love is a wellspring of the life“ organized by Elementary School „Lazo Angelovski“, Skopje, 8 March 2019;

Beside the painting he is interested in languages (studying English course), sport (swimming and basketball) and he is attending Brainobrain –  innovative and international programme, for intellectual and life skills development of children.


He is also interested in acting, he was Artist in the role of a Superhero in the commercials video for the the project Stopanska Bank – Image 2018, produced by the Company for film production and services Vertigo Visual, video link:,  June 2018.

Also he has won the First prize on the competition for best monolog performance, Creative Center “Tintiri Mintiri”, 29 December 2018. He is also interested in the Universe and the planets that often draw on his paintings and took part in at “On and Off Planet Earth” of NASA KIDS Space Challenge 2018, Skopje, Macedonia, November 2018.


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